Acoustic solutions

If you are looking for acoustic solutions or advice regarding acoustics you are at the right address with Form Design. We start with an audit in order to map and analyse your problem as best as possible. After that we design the ideal method of operations for your situation.

100% custom design

Why would you choose Form Design as your partner? Our approach is unique in the way that we handle the entire process from your perspective and your problem, not from a product. Because of this approach we can meet 100% of your real needs. To improve your acoustics, you need a tailored service. Just like solutions that need acoustic panels, acoustic walls, acoustic cabins/enclosures, silencers etc. At Form Design we offer you a proper custom solution instead of pre-packaged, standardized offers under a ‘custom’ label.   

Contact us for advice in acoustics and have look at who we can help

Acoustic product developer

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